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KY Horse Park to Host International Nights at the Museum

The International Museum of the Horse has announced a new series of after-hours events called International Nights at the Museum. 

Beginning March 2 from 6-10 p.m., the first event will celebrate the culture, history, and cuisine of India. The night will feature food by Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine, dance performances by Lakshmi Sriraman of Shree School of Dance, and a special viewing of Julie Wayne’s documentary “From Earth to Earth.” Continue reading KY Horse Park to Host International Nights at the Museum

Peter Pan

Presented by Spotlight Acting School Ages 4-9

Fly away to Neverland with Peter and the Darling children in this adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated film.

Wendy Darling loves to tell stories to her brothers, Michael and John. But when her father announces she must move out of the nursery, Peter Pan comes to visit the children and whisks them away to Neverland. Their journey introduces them to the Lost Boys, Mermaids, Indians and even the infamous pirate, Captain Hook! It’s Peter to the rescue when Wendy is taken captive by the dreaded captain, who has his own sinister plans in mind for our hero.

The Spotlight Theatre – Richmond Mall
Fri Feb 23 7:00pm
Sat Feb 24 7:00pm
Sun Feb 25 2:00pm
Fri Mar 2 7:00pm
Sat Mar 3 7:00pm
Sun Mar 4 2:00pm

Tickets $5 at the door.

A time for all things

Jadon Gibson

It was no surprise that a lad christened with the name John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was brought up close to the church. It was in the 1700’s and Muhlenberg eventually became a minister, pastoring a church in Woodstock, Virginia.

Many colonists like Muhlenberg wanted to become independent from Britain at the time. He detested the British influence on religion “in the new world.” Many of his parishioners openly resisted the influence of the crown and Muhlenberg supported their efforts insisting that the Lord Jesus Christ was their ally. Continue reading A time for all things

A Boy named Sue, conclusion

Jadon Gibson

Sue Mundy, born Marcellus Jerome Clark, was barely sixteen years old when he joined the Confederate army at Camp Cheatham in Robertson County, TN. Though very boyish in appearance, he served with distinction at Fort Donelson, on the Cumberland River in early 1862. The fort was built to control the Cumberland River, a major waterway in Tennessee.

Yankee Brig. Gen. U. S. Grant’s Yankee forces captured Fort Henry on February 6, 1862, and marched his men across country with Continue reading A Boy named Sue, conclusion

A Boy named Sue

Jadon Gibson

Kentucky was a neutral state during the Civil War and her people were evenly divided in their sentiment toward the north and south. It resulted in Kentuckians fighting against their own brothers and neighbors in many battles during the war.

In the Battle of Murfreesboro there were seventeen Kentucky regiments on the side of the Confederates and fourteen regiments fighting for the Federals. In the second Battle of Murfreesboro there were 23,500 combatants. A total of 3,024 were killed, 15,747 wounded and 4,744 unaccounted for. Never had so many Kentuckians killed each other for any cause. Continue reading A Boy named Sue

The unlucky good-luck piece, conclusion

Jadon Gibson

Armistead M. Swope and William C. Goodloe were born and raised in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Both became attorneys and enemies.

Col. Goodloe offended Col. Swope at the Republican State convention in Louisville, May 1, 1888. Swope was bitter and sought Goodloe without success but found him the following month at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington. A violent argument ensued resulting in threats of violence. Good friends intervened on their behalf and each selected two representatives to confer with the aim of alleviating their hostility. Continue reading The unlucky good-luck piece, conclusion


Kelvin Damrell

The SteelDrivers announced that Kelvin Damrell has officially joined the group as lead singer and guitarist. The GRAMMY® winning Rounder Records act had a record year in 2017, touring across the country and selling out six shows in Nashville alone. The band shared this message on their Facebook page:

“Hello folks. We have some great news to share tonight. We are officially announcing that Kelvin Damrell will be our new singer and Continue reading THE GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING STEELDRIVERS ANNOUNCE NEW LEAD SINGER

The International Museum of the Horse Presents Yoga in the Museum

The Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse will present a new, free Yoga in the Museum series in 2018 with the partnership of Chelsey Reid of Red Horse Yoga in Georgetown, Ky., beginning January 25, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

These complimentary, hour-long community yoga classes will be held among the exhibits in the museum and will focus on grounding through breath and gentle movement in sequences that are welcoming to both beginner and experienced yogis. Participants should check in at the museum’s front desk upon arrival, and should bring a mat or towel, and water. Continue reading The International Museum of the Horse Presents Yoga in the Museum

New Theater & Event Center Opens in Berea

The Spotlight Playhouse opened at 214 Richmond Road this weekend. The 13,000 square foot facility currently hosts a beautiful modern lobby and a state-of-the-art black box theater. The theater will be home to concerts, plays, musicals, events, and is available for rental. All proceeds from the Playhouse support the Spotlight Acting School and its programs.

The theater opened with three sold-out performances of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Three TaII Women. This weekend and next, audiences can see the Spotlight Acting School’s presentation of The Aristocats

Kids. The Grand Opening of the Playhouse is Valentine’s Day where Love and Murder at Loconda Rossa will play out in true Bogart Film Noir style.


This murder mystery dinner show is friendly for all ages and will be highly interactive. Tickets are available online at


The unlucky good-luck piece

Jadon Gibson

Col. Armistead M. Swope and Col. William Cassius Goodloe were born and reared in the same section of Lincoln County, Kentucky. Goodloe was from a aristocratic family while Swope had a humble upbringing.

As young men they became attorneys and desirous of becoming leaders in the Republican party in Kentucky. Resentment between the two men grew and it heightened when President Chester A. Arthur appointed Swope to the position of Internal Revenue Collector, resulting in his move to Lexington. Continue reading The unlucky good-luck piece

Wildlife and rabies

Jadon Gibson

Early hunters found an abundance of wildlife in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.

The wild buffalo and elk were over hunted and practically disappeared although elk are being replenished in certain areas. Bears are also being seen more frequently in recent years. Conservation efforts have resulted in a good number of deer. The fearsome panther and wildcat are seldom seen as they are very private, staying away from settled areas. Continue reading Wildlife and rabies