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Cowboys and Indians

Jadon Gibson

I grew up playing “Cowboys and Indians.” It was natural I guess because there were so many western movies for youngsters to see, heroes like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, the Durango Kid and others. The admission price was low and for a nickel we could get a candy treat.

The cowboys were always portrayed as the good guys while the Indians seemingly had little redeeming value except for the occasional sidekick such as Tonto. Continue reading Cowboys and Indians

An Answered Prayer on the Borderland

Jadon Gibson

Rufus Branson built a rude cabin for his young family not far from Boonesborough in the late 1770’s. It sat a little ways back from the Kentucky River, nestled in a little valley with cliffs jutting up in front and in the back.

Branson was able to maintain a friendship with the Indians for several years. The native Americans learned that he could be trusted, resulting in Branson and his wife feeling secure in an insecure environment. When Indians came by his home, Branson offered them food from the larder where it was stored. Continue reading An Answered Prayer on the Borderland

Cherokee Bill’s wild life led to hanging

Jadon Gibson

There’s been added interest in Cherokee Bill who was twice sentenced to hang by the hanging judge, Isaac Parker. His real name was Crawford Goldsby, the son of an Alabama black man who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. The senior Goldsby was a Buffalo soldier, a name given to the black cavalrymen by the Indians with whom they fought. He had to flee from Alabama after returning from the war to keep from being hanged. Cherokee Bill’s mother was a mixture of Indian, African and white ancestors. Continue reading Cherokee Bill’s wild life led to hanging

The Hanging Judge, conclusion

Jadon Gibson

Judge Isaac Parker, the famed hanging judge, lost much of his authority toward the end of his service on the bench at Fort Smith, Arkansas in the late 1800’s.

Congress enacted a law in 1889 giving the Supreme Court the right to review important criminal cases. Convicted felons could petition the president to change their sentence or ask their trial judge to be retried. Judge Parker seldom granted a new trial. Continue reading The Hanging Judge, conclusion

The Hanging Judge, part 3

Jadon Gibson

Judge Isaac Parker was born in Ohio and practiced law in Missouri after being admitted to the bar. He served during the Civil War and later was elected to Congress by his constituents in the Show-Me state of Missouri.

Parker was an outspoken advocate of increased rights for women and Native Americans in his day. In 1875, Judge Isaac Parker was appointed to the federal bench in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with jurisdiction over Continue reading The Hanging Judge, part 3

Gov. Bevin Orders Flags to Half-Staff to Honor the Memory of Rev. Billy Graham

In accordance with the proclamation by U.S. President Donald Trump, and with respect for the memory of the Reverend Billy Graham, Gov. Matt Bevin has directed both American and state flags at all state office buildings be lowered to half-staff on Friday, March 2 until sunset to honor Rev. Graham. Continue reading Gov. Bevin Orders Flags to Half-Staff to Honor the Memory of Rev. Billy Graham

Evidence 50 years late for hanged man

Jadon Gibson

John C. Hamilton was a wealthy citizen of the so-called “Green River Country,” in what is now Metcalfe County, Kentucky. He was a trader in livestock and, at times, slaves. Periodically he sold some of his slaves in Mississippi.

Following a successful trek to Mississippi in 1817 he returned to Kentucky along with Dr. John P. Sanderson, a wealthy farmer who resided near Natchez, Mississippi. Sanderson was interested in buying more slaves and carried a large sum of money. Continue reading Evidence 50 years late for hanged man

Rev. Billy Graham

Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released the following statement regarding the passing of Rev. Billy Graham:

“It is with great sadness that Elaine and I note the passing of the Rev. Billy Graham, a man whose God-given gifts and love for souls endeared him to millions and earned for him the title ‘America’s Pastor.’ The son of a dairy farmer, Billy Graham became one of the world’s most trusted men by preaching God’s mercy to the rich and poor alike. His hundreds of crusades spanned more than five decades and spurred countless conversions in America and around the world. Continue reading Rev. Billy Graham