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Col. John Floyd was killed too soon

Jadon Gibson

Col. John Floyd, a frontier surveyor, was one of the leading pioneers of Kentucky. He was one of five brothers, three of whom were killed by Indians. Two of his brothers-in-law shared a similar fate. They weren’t victims of bad luck but of the times in which they lived.

Col. Floyd was riding with his brother Charles on April 10, 1783, on his 2,000 acres called Floyd’s Station, just outside of present-day Louisville, KY. The Indians were intent on repelling the settlers from the land on which they lived and where they hunted for many years but they had not been pesky during the winter months. The Floyd brothers weren’t on a heightened alert and didn’t suspect danger. They were fired on by Indians making their early spring raids and Col. Floyd was mortally wounded. Continue reading Col. John Floyd was killed too soon

The Wreck of the Old 97

Jadon Gibson

The Southern Railway earned a lucrative contract to haul mail for the United States Post Office well over a century ago. In order to continue the agreement they were required to transport large quantities of mail from location to location, intact and within certain time restraints, that is it would have to be delivered in good shape and on time.

One of Southern Railway’s engines, locomotive number 1102, was a 10 wheeler built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. It was known officially as Fast Mail but was better known as Old 97. It began its runs from Washington DC to Atlanta, Georgia in December of 1902 and earned the reputation of getting the mail to its destination pronto. Continue reading The Wreck of the Old 97

When the Mississippi River ran Backwards

Jadon Gibson

It wasn’t unusual for Rev. Reuben Ross to attend a funeral in Stewart County, Tennessee, in the fall of 1811. He was a Baptist preacher, elder, and was acquainted with the deceased. It is likely that he preached the funeral.

The service was lengthy and nightfall was eminent when Rev. Ross completed his sermon, cautioning that death is no respecter of age, person or social status.

“Everyone needs to be ready for the day of reckoning,” the preacher explained. “The end of time is near.” Continue reading When the Mississippi River ran Backwards

Dr. Diane White-Clayton to Discuss: Jesus, the Ultimate Rebel with a Cause

Diane White Clayton

Dr. Diane White-Clayton will speak about “Jesus, the Ultimate Rebel with a Cause,” on Thursday, Sep. 27 at 3 p.m. at the Berea College Accent of Christian Faith Lecture in Phelps Stokes Chapel.

This lecture, sponsored by the Willis D. Weatherford Jr. Campus Christian Center, will discuss the common depiction of Jesus as frail and tender-hearted, as well as the uncommon depiction of Jesus as a rebellious, defiant trouble-maker who never allowed rules to dictate his path. Berea College, whose rebellious beginnings directly defied societal norms of the time, challenges new rebels who, through faith and determination, will change the world.

Continue reading Dr. Diane White-Clayton to Discuss: Jesus, the Ultimate Rebel with a Cause

Life and Times of Clifton Branham, conclusion

Jadon Gibson

Life and Times of Clifton Branham, conclusion

Clifton Branham found trouble at nearly every turn after being paroled from the Kentucky State Prison in 1902.

He celebrated Christmas with friends in Clintwood but they were drinking heavily. He decided to return to Pound, VA. as he felt there may be trouble if he remained there. Dave Fleming had been causing him trouble since he returned to the area and soon caught up with Clifton and his daughter on the mountain roadway. Continue reading Life and Times of Clifton Branham, conclusion