Margaret Lowman

Berea College welcomes the public and campus community to a convocation featuring Dr. Margaret Lowman, Director of Global Initiatives, and Lindsay Chair of Botany at the California Academy of Sciences, as she discusses the connection of canopy exploration and forest conservation.

Dr. Lowman is a biologist, educator, ecologist, writer, and editor. Nicknamed “Einstein of the treetops” by Wall Street Journal, Lowman pioneered the science of canopy ecology. During the past 30 years, she has designed hot-air balloons and walkways for treetop exploration to solve mysteries in the world’s forests, especially insect pests and ecosystem health. She relentlessly works to map the canopy for biodiversity and to champion forest conservation around the world, gaining her start in the rain forests of Australia. Her passion for science has led her into leadership roles where she seeks best practices to solve environmental challenges and serves as a role model to women and minorities in science.

Lowman’s first book, Life in the Treetops received a cover review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. She received a BA in Biology from Williams College; MSc in Ecology from Aberdeen University; PhD in Botany from Sydney University; and a Diploma of Executive Management from Tuck School of Business. She was a Fulbright Senior Specialist Scholar to both India and Ethiopia.

During her, career Lowman has authored more than 125 peer-reviewed scientific publications. A former professor at North Carolina State University, Lowman was the founding director of North Carolina’s Nature Research Center at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

The convocation events, which are provided to both the campus and public communities, are a significant part of a student’s educational experience at Berea College. See for the schedule of all convocations this academic year. All convocations are free and open to the public.

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