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Katelyn Isaacs & Jeannie Isaacs
Katelyn Isaacs & Jeannie Isaacs

Thirteen year old, Katelyn Isaacs began writing The Death of Lilah as a project for her homeschool English class. Jeannie Isaacs, Katelyn’s mother and homeschool teacher, gave her this assignment to encourage her to learn more about the writing process and to stimulate her interest in Literature.

Jeannie says, “I never expected the creative response that came from Katelyn. I knew she had the imagination, but I did not expect her willingness to be so involved in this project. I am very proud of the hard work she has accomplished.”

The Death of Lilah was written by both Katelyn and Jeannie. Both authors were involved in every stage of the writing process and this book would not be possible without one or the other.

The Death of Lilah
The Death of Lilah

The Death of Lilah is a mystery novel about a young girl in search for answers about her twin sisters murder. Along the way, many secrets from her past are revealed, which leads to more questions than answers. In her journey to try and solve the murder, she may become the next victim.

The Death of Lilah is available at and CreateSpace at the following links.



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